Teröristler muteber tanık, Genelkurmay Başkanı değil

Terrorists are respected witnesses, Country’s Chief of General Staff not

As the commander of the Turkish Army, I suggested high-ranked state officials, whom I have worked together, as witness and request from the court to listen to them.

The court refused our request.

Nothing could be more natural than for a high-ranking official, who was in the fourth position in the state, to suggest other high-ranking names as witnesses.

But there is something not natural here.

The state officials suggested to be listened as witness, are the head and members of the government which we are being accused of attempting to overthrow.

If the allegation is serious and Turkey is a rule of law state, then it was necessary for these high-ranked officials, whom considered as victim, to be listened by the court as a public witness.

But, in Turkey the legal system is wrong that things like suspects listing victims as witnesses, where no similar example could be found in the world, are happening.

I also listed high-ranked military officers, whom I worked with during 2008-2009, on May 30th, 2012 and request from the court to listen to them.

Court also rejected this request, after eight months.

According to the 178th law of Criminal Procedures, once the court rejects those requests, then the suspects can bring their witnesses and it requires the court to listen to these people. By the same law, rejection of such a request could alone be used by the high court to overturn the decision.

Upon court’s reject, my witnesses arrived on February 18th to testify based on the 178th law, and waited patiently at Silivri Prison. I thank my distinguished friends for this.

Despite all this, the court rejected the witness requests with great courage. This decision is inexplicable and unbelievable.

Then, where does the court get the power to behave like this? What does it trust?

How much longer will the judiciary and legislative continue to watch this situation?

To the Great Turkish Nation;
The court that claims to judge in the nation’s name has listened to the terrorist Şemdin Sakık as a witness, and refused to listen to, and respect, former Chief of General Staff of the Republic of Turkey Işık Koşaner, and retired commanders.

Is it possible to expect such a court to judge and decide fairly? Of course no!

Gen. (Ret.) M. İlker Başbuğ