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Commanded the Turkish Armed Forces, fought terror for years, wrote the book “The End of Terror Organizations”.  And after two years from retirement, he is arrested of “directing an armed terror organization”. In the court, he made a note to history. Here is his speech:

I was the Commander of the TAF

The person being accused of this crime is the 26th Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Republic. I deem necessary that this fact should be noted in the history. I am, as the Chief of the General Staff, the commander of TAF.  Which is one of the most powerful armed forces in the World. We can really say that, it is tragicomic to accuse such a person, who is commanding such an army, of forming and directing an armed terror organization.

I have worked with the highest authorities of the State for years

I was promoted to the rank of general on August 30, 2002 and was appointed as the Deputy Chief of the General Staff by the current political power. During the years 2003-2005 that I carried this duty, I worked both with Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister for various occasions. I was appointed as the Commander of the Land Forces again by this same political party in the year of 2006. And again, I have been appointed as Chief of the General Staff on 2008 by our current government. I also worked together with Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, and the other Ministers, as the member of the National Security Council.

Now, of course, our state has various means of intelligence and capabilities; one very important point is that, we worked together all these years with the highest authorities of the political power and during these years no one has detected my act of forming and leading a terror organization. If it was detected and I was let to continue occupying the post, that is another point.

It is difficulty to understand these accusations done 1,5 years after my retirement

I am directed such an accusation, 1.5 years after my retirement, which was on August 30, 2010. It is very sad, hard to understand, if I have carried out all these activities during my active duty and if they were not realized by the state authorities of that time, then also it is not possible to understand it. For good and all, to listen, to hear such an accusation is a very heavy claim for a person who devoted his life to the Armed Forces and to his country and served honestly and with pride. Even this accusation itself, which has been put forward, is the heaviest punishment for me, after this what so ever, no future punishment can upset me more. If there were something such as this during my tour of duty, necessary steps should have been at that time.

If I had bad aims, there would be some other ways with an army of 700.000 soldiers

How did they reach this opinion, from my press statements, articles that appear on Internet under the title of Internet memorandum, one or two news, the Chief of General Staff is being accused. I was not asked any serious questions in the office of the prosecutor, if I am being accused with these based on these opinions, then it is very sad. If I am being accused of taking down the government with one or two web sites then, this is very sad. If I had bad aims, there would be some other ways to do it with an army of 700.000 soldiers.

His last words when leaving from the Beşiktaş Courthouse were:

The 26th Cheif of the General Staff of the Turkish Republic is accused of forming and directing a terror organization. The judgement rests with the great Turkish Nation