Silahlı Terör Örgütü Kurma ve Yönetme İddiası

The heaviest allegation is forming and directing an Armed Terrorist Group. That is, as the Chief of the General Staff, he is both commanding an army of 700.000 soldiers and directing a terrorist group.

The 19th question asked when he was called to testify was; “Are you a member of the Ergenekon Armed Terrorist Organization? Did you carry out any activities in this organization?”.

The time of the accusation covers the period of duty.  That is, while the Chief of the General Staff was at duty, he has formed or directed the terrorist organization and that after he got retired and everything ended.

In the indictment, the crime period is set as 2009, only the first year of his duty, and before.

As the accusation covers the time of duty and that Chief of the General Staff is responsible to the Prime Minister, if ever something like this had happened, should not have the necessary steps be taken at that time? How come such a situation can not be discovered by the state officials and intelligence organizations?

Also, being accused almost after 2 years from retirement is also thought-provoking.

Gen. (Ret.) İlker Başbuğ, during his Chief of the General Staff duty, has always acted in accordance to mission, authorities and responsibilities outlined by law.

It is impossible to explain this accusation by logic and reason.

Terrorist Organization Tie Allegation

Allegation on page 34 of the indictment;

“On June 12, 2009, when the Action Plan to Fight Reactionaryism was comprimised, suspect İlker Başbuğ was abroad and the commander of the Land Forces Işık Koşaner assumed temporarily Chief of the General Staff duty, it has been understood that at the point whether to open an investigation for the  Action Plan to Fight Reactionaryism, deputy Chief of the General Staff Hasan Iğsız instead of calling Işık Koşaner who was the temporarily Chief of the General Staff, called İlker Başbuğ, who was abroad, took his orders and opened an investigation about the matter. When it was possible to get order directly from the legal representative of Chief of the General Staff, the commander of Land Forces Işık Koşaner, and open an investigation, the act of deputy Chief of the General Staff calling İlker Başbuğ, who was abroad, getting his approval and thus acting against the official hierarchy is a sign of an organizational hierarchy other than the military one. Also this situation shows that all similar activities that have been carried out in the headquarters happened under İlker Başbuğ’s control.” 

Presenting a state tradition, which is being applied not only in the Turkish Armed Forces but among all institutions, as an organizational tie can not be understood. Besides, when there is  the fact that Mr. Başbuğ gave his approval to initiate an investigation, establishing such a tie is beyond seriousness and unfortunate.

Allegation on page 33 of the indictment;

 “It has been understood that the meeting dated January 9, 2004 is about Mustafa Balbay’s article titled “KÖŞK ZİRVESİNİN SONUÇLARI” and the source of the article happens to be some secret documents about Cyprus which were leaked from the TAF to Mustafa Balbay, and the information within has put the institution in a bad situation, as for İlker Başbuğ, he tried to learn Mustafa Balbay’s news source, that Balbay did not tell and that he indicated that there were more documents related to this subject and despite indicating that Mustafa Balbay’s article hurt and harmed themselves a lot, statement such as “Mr. Balbay, we like you a lot. We like the Cumhuriyet. In our internal assessments, we talked of you as patriots  who believe that the Turkish Armed Forces should not get harmed… There are many groups who want to harm TAF. You know them as well. Now, as they are opposing, it is an undesired situation to oppose you and come in opposite with Cumhuriyet… Take it this way, there is a continuous process. We have been working.  And at that exact time, your news shows up. I know that you did not do this with bad intentions but we were very hurt”  took place, in this way suspect that İlker Başbuğ did not defend the institution’s best interest against the emergence of such a information leak that put the institution, which he belongs to, into bad situation, and that the matters related with Mustafa Balbay ve Cumhuriyet newspaper, which he mentioned at the beginning of the meeting, is a result of the organizational tie and connection of the suspect.” 

Actually, presenting a dialog tape, that could be used as an evidence that there is no organizational tie, as a proof of organizational tie is not suitable.

The allegation that his name appears between İbrahim Şahin / Fatma Cengiz telephone conversations

Page 30 of the indictment;

“There is information in the telephone conversations between Ergenekon Armed Terrorist Organization suspects İbrahim Şahin and Fatma Cengiz that show that they are connected with İlker Başbuğ”

When one will look into the telephone conversation records that can be found in in the files of the cases of the two, he or she will see that names such as Çevik Bir, Yaşar Büyükanıt, Hilmi Özkök and Talat pasha also appear and that there is no information with regards to any conversation done together.

It was realized that the person, who appeared as “Talat pasha” on the telephone conversation records, was a broke person named Fahri Kepek. This could be understood after he was included in the case as a suspect.

The allegation of a 80% note on the paper named Global

Page 30 of the indictment;

“Notes such as İlker Başbuğ is 80% for Levent Göktaş are seen on a document watermarked Global, which was captured in the search done in the workplace of  Ergenekon Armed Terrorist Organization detained suspect”.

When the document was examined, it has been seen that only İlker Başbuğ’s name was there and that there were no other information that could be characterized as an organizational tie.