İnternet Andıcı

What is Andice?

An andice is a study prepared by the headquarters in order to get the decision of the commander for a matter.

Andice alone is not an order, it is necessary to prepare and issue an application order after getting the decision of the commander.

When was the Internet andice prepared?

The andice, which is the subject of the case and is known as the Internet Memorandum among public, is prepared by the HQ on February 2009.

What is the reason for the preparation of the Internet andice?

In the Andice document the reason is stated as; to inform using the benefits that the Internet provides in accordance to the law no 5661 “Regulating the publication done via internet environment”, issued in 2007.

In the internet andice, on what subjects was it planned to carry out the internet activities?

The plan was to use the internet for the purpose of introduction and informing the public on four subjects;

  • Terrorist groups,
  • Anti-secular activities,
  • Introduction for the institution,
  • Informing domestic and foreign public.

On which authorizations does carrying out these internet activities on these four subjects by General Staff depends on?

a.  It has been understood that using internet against terrorist groups depends on the 46th precaution of the Action Plan towards Separative Activities dated January 19, 2006.

b. Using internet against anti-secular activities has been explained in the writings, containing regulations taken as principle by the institution, send on October 26, 2010 and December 30, 2010 from General Staff to the Istanbul chief office of prosecution.

It is also indicated in those writings that those plans had become void on December 14, 2010.

Did the sites planned to be established by the Internet andice become online?

No. The termination of the sites on June 19, 2009 during the work phase, before the preparation to open the sites was complete, is a fact..

On June 19, 2009, why it was decided to end the preparation done with regards to the  opening of the websites that were planned to be established by the andice?

The alleged “Alleged Action Plan to Fight Reactionaryism” appeared on media on June 12, 2009.

This matter kept busy the public a lot.

Under this circumstances, the thought that continuing the preparation, done with regards to the opening of the websites that were planned to be established, can lead to different ideas resulted in this decision.

In this case, were the sites planned to be opened in four areas closed before becoming active?


In the Internet Andice, which is only composed of two pages, is there anything that is illegal or against orders?

No. On the contrary, the plan in the Andice was to operate in accordance with the law 5651, but due to the reasons explained above, on June 19, 2009, during the preparation phase,  these works were terminated.

Other than this four site, which were planned to be opened but their work was terminated  before becoming active, are there any other websites run by General Staff?

It can be found in the case files that there were 42 sites, established before August 30, 2008, run until February 4, 2009.

What happened on February 4, 2009?

On February 4, 2009, a news, which only had only the names of several web sites, appeared in a newspaper. News did not have much detailed information.

Upon this news, the matter was review by the headquarters.

In the review, for it was seen that the sites were opened years before August 30, 2008 and that they did not comply with the law 5651 in terms of form, the activity of all the sites run by the Information Support unit were terminated.

In the news that appear on media, it is alleged that some news from these sites were included in the indictment of the closure case for the Justice and Development Party. Is this true?

Out of the 42 sites that were run, only from the site named, a news which was on the homepage of the site on October 2, 2007 entered the indictment. The heading of the news was “Prayer Show at Ramp”, and after an examination, it was learned that the news was taken from the Cumhuriyet newspaper’s copy of September 29, 2007.

General İlker Başbuğ took over the Chief of the General Staff duty on August 30, 2008.

Is there any connection or relation between the four sites that were planned to be established by the Internet Andice and the 42 sites that were closed on February 2009?

No, there is not. The sites of which the preparation was continuing, they would have been opened with real names and institutional information in compliance with the law 5651.

Was there any update to the 42 sites, which were closed on February 4, 2009, from  August 30, 2008 to the date of their closure?

According to the records, which are in the indictment supplement, of the Istanbul Police Department, between August 30, 2008 and February 4, 2009, there were no update,  edition, or addition of new news.

After all these explanations, can this be concluded? From February 4, 2009 to August 30, 2010, there were not any sites run by the General Staff other than its official web site.

Yes, certainly.

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