Bu utancı ne kadar taşıyacaksınız?

No one has seen a Chief of the General Staff, who is both commander of the Armed Forces and also the leader of an armed terrorist organization in any country around the world.

However, this judicial shame happened in Turkey on January 6th, 2012. Turkey’s 26th Chief of the General Staff was arrested on charges of leading and forming a terrorist organization.

The ignorants, who evaluate this situation happened in Turkey as victory of democracy, could not even understand that this very heavy and unfair accusation is actually directed to our state in terms of politics.

What have İlker Başbuğ and his friends done in order to be accused like that?

Here are some evidences(!):

During his Land Forces commandership, critical and permanent steps have been taken in order to fight terror more effectively.

Began professionalizing commando brigades and completing the project on 2010.

Providing world-standard training to all personnel who will carry out duty in the terror zone.

Started using HERON unmanned aerial vehicles for the first time in 2006 and made a shock effect on the terrorists.

Increased the ratio of finding buried explosive ordnance to 70% by a new restructuring and usage of new equipment and material.

Carried out a very successful cross-border operation, which all foreign armies watched envyingly, under heavy winter conditions on February 2008.

As soon as he began his Chief of General Staff post, exercises that need to be done in the fighting terror field have been sped up.

In that scope; Participated in meetings organized in the Prime Ministry that lasted for many days.

Debriefed Board of Ministers, which is responsible of attaining national security according to the Constitution, on terror.

Met with NGOs in Diyarbakir on September 4, 2008.

The main principles of fighting terror, probably for the first time, have been shared with related authorities and the public:

The elimination of terror can not be done solely through the fight in the security area. State must act in parallel and coordinated in security, economy, social-cultural, psychological operation and international areas. For this reason, a new structure must be established in undersecretary level.

To avoid new participation to the terror organization, city organizations that organize the participation must be revealed and neutralized.

In order to disassociate the mountain staff from the organization, some legal changes need to be passed.

In order to neutralize the existance of PKK in Northern Iraq, Iraq Central Administration and especially the Kurdish Regional Administration must be forced.

Republic of Turkey must clear the way of freedom in cultural area.

As a result of these effective measures and the efforts, the terror organization entered into a serious difficulty during Spring 2009. The organization, even had to prepare a survey asking its members whether to continue armed fight or not.

When truth is as such, what has happened in Turkey? Unfortunately, the court board achieved the success of putting a Chief of General Staff in the dock and terror organization leader in the witness dock.

How long more will the judiciary power, which functions by the authority vested by the Turkish people, continue to bear the shame of accusing someone, who commanded the Turkish military, together with his friends on charges of leading and forming a terrorist organization? Will not the authorities of the judiciary power question this serious matter?

The 26th Chief of General Staff is also being accused of attempting to overthrow the Turkish Government, with which he has worked for 8 years together and which has appointed him as the commander of the Land Forces and the Chief of General Staff respectively.

Well, what are the evidences of this accusation? Here are some evidences(!):

Spoke of Turkish Armed Forces’ loyalty to the democracy in all of his speeches:

December 17th, 2009, Trabzon:

Turkish Armed Forces’ allegiance is to the democracy and the rule of law. Turkish Armed Forces has never covered up mistakes nor protect criminals.

January 25th, 2010, Ankara:

I am ashamed of the allegations of coup. Several incidents took place in Turkey. Today, we think of these events as left behind and we say that in democracy, the most important issue is the election of new governments by using democratic methods.

As there exists no action of him that involves force and violence, there is no speech or statement of him aiming the government.

Proposed weekly meetings with the Prime Minister, who the Chief of Staff is responsible to under the Constitution.

Right after being appointed as Chief of General Staff, ordered the abolishment of the Information Support Department, which would be the focus of psychological operation allegations, in a time frame.

There is an allegation that black propaganda has been carried out on internet by a terrorist organization’s requests and directions. However, there is no website that such a propaganda can be carried.

Because, the internet sites that were opened and operated before his post were closed and those websites that were planned to be opened by the Internet Memorandum did not become online, thus were not opened.

Despite this truth, being aware of this truth, claiming that black propaganda was done between August 2008 and August 2010, is disgrace, to be polite.

When the Alleged Action Plan to Fight Reactionaryism appeared on a newspaper on June 12, 2009, without hesitation, the General Staff’s Military Prosecutor’s Office was given an order to initiate investigation.

Military Prosecutor’s Office confiscated the hard disks of the related computers and took images of them.

After this, two interesting things happened. Firstly, related specially authorized court used these images, taken by the Military Prosecutor’s Office, in a two-year long examination.

Secondly, it was revealed in the pre-report of this examination that during 2008-2010 August, they did not find a thing that could constitute crime.

Did not stay quiet against TAF personnel being brought into disrepute on media with unjust accusations that violate the presumption of innocence.

Truth is like this.

We have a final word for those who close their ears to things we say:

On 5 August, 2012, Mr. Prime Minister said:

“During our Başbuğ Pasha’s term, together we have carried out our work successfully”

Despite Prime Minister’s such words, is not the allegation of attempting to overthrow the government and its acceptance by the court a big contradiction?

Will the office of prosecution and the court continue to insist staying at their point?

Mr. Prime Minister, besides being a person on the list of witnesses in the case, he is also the head of the government, which is the victim according to the allegations. Thus, the court does not have the luxury to say that “those words do not bind us”.

Based on what has happened in Silivri up to today, it is not possible to say that there is a fair trial going on and that it will end in a fair verdict.

Those, who are responsible of making sure that the trials are done fairly, are waiting for what? For people to be tortured more?

This situation is inappropriate for Turkey.

Also, it is our greatest wish that the number of Emile Zolas, who can defend the truths clearly without separating civilians and soldiers and seeing all military as a potential criminal, to increase.

After all, the 26th Chief of General Staff has “one big crime”. Two Barış’es in a book that they have written, have defined this crime as the following:

“İlker Başbuğ is a Chief of General Staff who has dreams, but obviously came to the world in a wrong time.”

Gen. (Ret.) M. İlker Başbuğ