Interrupted JHU Symposium

Yesterday, I was at the Johns Hopkins University, to speak at the 2018 Foreign Affairs Symposium.

Unfortunately, my speech was interrupted by PKK/PYD/YPG terrorist organization supporters. The supporters were taken out by the University security forces.

However, a civilized and academic environment could not be established after the incidents. Until the interruption, I was able to cover the following subjects:

Turkey is fighting against the PKK terrorist organization since 1984.

If a terror organizationn has safe zones in your neighboring country on your border, you can’t terminate this terrorist organization, unless you eliminate these safe zones.

The PKK has safe zones in Nothern Iraq from 1982 to today.

Unfortunately, we haven’t received enough support from the US on eliminating these safe zones that belong to the PKK.

Any organization which uses terror as a means to get its objectives is a terrorist organization.

In does not make a difference, what their objectives, what their religion or what their etnicity is.

In nothern Syria, another serious problem for our national security is developing.

YPG: Syrian extension of PKK

PYD/YPG, which is Syrian extension of PKK, is using nothern Syria as a staging area for terror attacks on Turkish soil.

Daniel R. Coats, Diretor of National Intelligence, 13 February 2018:

“The Kurdish People’s Protection Units –the Syrian militia of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)- probaby will seek some form of autonomy.”

Ashton Carter, former US Secretary of Defense, stated in the congress in the April 28, 2016:

“There is a relationship between the terrorist organization PKK/KCK and PYD/YPG.”

The annual journal of the NATO Center and Excellence Defense Against Terrorism; the article by Andrew Self and Jased Ferris:

“Most of the terrorists, who fight in the PYD/YPG ranks in the civil war in Syria, are PKK members.”

There is no doubt PYD/YPG in Syria is an extension of the PKK. The YPG is just another terrorist group. Moreover, PYD/YPG has become a war crimes organization.

In the report of Amnesty International in 2015, it was highlighted that especially Arab and Turkmen villages in the North of Syria were threatened with death if they hesitated to leave the area.

In July and August 2015 Amnesty International investigated the forced displacement of residents from 10 villages including Al-Ghbein, Raneen, Hammam al-Turkman, al-Maghat, Mela Berho as well as the villages of Abdi Koy and Tel Fweida in the Tel Abyad and Tel Tamr country side.

International humanitarian law prohibits displacement of civillian during non-international armed conflicts. Amnesty International considers that these instances of forced displacement constitute war crimes.

Human Rights Watch Report, dated June 18 2014, documents a range of human rights abuses in the PYD controlled areas.

The report focuses on arbitrary arrests of the PYD’s Kurdish political rivals, un solved disapperances and killings and the use of children in YPG.

Practices of PYD/YPG, which are against international law, are making them an illegal and crime organization.

Big Issue Between Turkey and U.S.
The US has been partnering with YPG in fighting ISIS.

You can’t say when I am fighting against ISIS, I can use another terrorist organization against them, and provide weapons, ammunition, etc.

That is a big issue between Turkish-American relation.

As a friendly and ally country, the U.S. has to take into account Turkey’s security risks and requirements.

I think nobody would want to be the guy who lost Turkey.


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