Basın Açıklamaları ve Röportaj

The prosecutor’s office of investigation asked questions from the selected parts of the four press statements and one interview, which were done by retired Gen. İlker Başbuğ’s during his duty, without examining each thoroughly. The questions posed from the press release and statements are presented in historical sequence;

a. Press release dated 29.04.2009 (24th question),

b. Press release dated 26.06.2009 (29th question),

c. Press release dated 17.12.2009 (33rd question),

d. Press release dated 25.01.2010 (32nd question),

e. Interview dated dated 10.02.2010 (30th question).

Some expressions used in the press statements and interview, which were asked to Mr.Başbuğ, were selected literally as if with tweezers and they were assessed by the prosecutor’s office of investigation as influencing the ongoing investigations at that time.

In addition, how can the press statement and interview dated 2010 be considered legally when the crime period in the indictment is shown as 2009 and before?

The prosecutor’s office of investigation’s assessment of the press statements and the interview is not appropriate. This aspect can be seen if each of the press statements and the interview are examined as a whole.

During the time of these statements made, the investigations and allegations, which had heavy accusations and involved Turkish Armed Forces personnel, had negative effects on the morale and motivation of TAF personnel at every level.

On the TAF’s website, the first task of the TAF is written as to maintain a deterrent military force. Maintaining a deterrent military force carries the meaning of protecting and improving current personnel’s morale and this is among the duties of from the Chief of the General Staff to entire sequence chain of command.

As described above and outlined in Civil Service and law, the Chief of General Staff’s duty, by keeping his personnel’s morale and motivation high, is  to make sure that they are ready for duty anytime.

At the time of press releases, a section of the press had been publishing intentional news on ongoing investigations and operations.

By giving the four press conferences, retired Gen. Mehmet Ilker Basbug wanted to protect the morale and motivation of the TAF personnel against the publications, which he considered  were having negative impact.

Interview and press conferences did not aim to to target the investigations, moreover, during the defendant’s time of duty, the prosecutor’s office of investigation’s demands were met without any delay.

Evaluating these press conferences as black propaganda is a proof that this evaluation is not scientific.

That is;

By definition, black propaganda’s source is hidden and it is carried out insidiously. The confidentiality of the source is of great importance. As the source remains hidden, lies, rumors, quickly spread in a mysterious way.

Black propaganda lies are spread by secret sources. The reason for that is when the fake identity of publication reveals, the credibility of the source will be lost.

It is not possible for a state official to do black propaganda, which is defined above and also on open sources such as the Internet.

No relation has been seen between these press conferences and the allegation to eliminate or prevent the duty of the government of the Republic of Turkey.