30 Ağustos Mesajı

I congratulate my dear nation and the Turkish Armed Forces, in which I have proudly served as a member for almost half a century, on Victory Day.

This victory belongs to the Turkish nation and the Turkish Army, which sprang from its bosom.

In a way that many could not even imagine, but Mustafa Kemal Atatürk believed from the very beginning;  the Turkish Army made a miracle and victory by taking possession of the 400 kilometer Anatolian soil between Afyon and İzmir in two weeks.

This victory led to the emergence of the independent, dynamic and young Turkey.

The 90th anniversary of Victory Day coincides with the 50th anniversary of our graduation from the Military Academy. Fifty years after our graduation from the Military Academy, my two classmates, and myself, are under arrest and in jail.

Some may keep us in prison today by unreasonable claims and accusations,  but they will never erase from the memory of the Turkish nation the traces of our service of half a century, which included risking our lives.

Gen. (Ret.) M. İlker Başbuğ

Source: Hurriyet Daily News